Established by John Cherfan, Cherfan draperies is a family business. Over the last 50 years, not only have we expanded our business thanks to our reliable and devoted staff, but also we continue to provide you with top-quality curtains and draperies. We pride ourselves with a service that is unique. As a family business, we aim to offer a professional and personal service for all our customers. We are aware that each of our customers has individual requirements that demand customized care.


Sister Company

Creashade supplies the latest products and services for sun control solutions. For over fifty years, we have been converting spaces into opportunities using award-winning and sustainable solutions. For more info visit our website.

Let us help you!

Your home or office says a lot about you. Whether you love modern shadows, or dream of glorious Roman ones, there is no doubt that when your environment feels right, so will you. Do not let your dreams vanish into thin air. Turn to one of our expert curtain advisors, who have the product knowledge and practical skills to help you turn your dreams into reality

Why choose us

The Cherfan Draperies is a blend of all things to build a home for the heart! Our store specializes in curtains, quilt covers, throws, cushions, pillows and tablecloths. We have over a hundred curtain designs to choose from, ranging from Roman Shades, American Design (simple), Draperies, Bamboo, and Sun Screen. Our products combine quality and style. We offer a free sample service to confirm quality and color.


“Where Elegance has no limits”


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